Librestream Technologies Inc.

Librestream is the pioneer of Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for the industrial market. Globally deployed across market leading enterprises in aerospace, manufacturing, energy, and field service industries, the Onsight AR Service Platform is proven to perform.

Using the Onsight platform on the RealWear HMT-1, your workers can securely diagnose, inspect, and manage assets in even the most difficult field environments. With a broad range of software capabilities and optional inspection accessories, Onsight is the most comprehensive AR service platform on the market.

The Onsight platform includes:
• Connect: remote expert assistance
• Flow: digital work instructions
• Workspace: content management and data analytics
• Cube: enhanced diagnostics with thermal imaging
• Connectors: APIs for integration within your digital ecosystem
• Customer Success programs for large scale deployment and adoption

Optimized for the HMT-1, Onsight provides a hands-free experience, whether you need to perform step by step instructions, collaborate with remote experts, access content, or capture inspection data. With optional accessories such as the Onsight Cube industrial wearable, teams can add thermal imaging alongside the HMT-1 for deeper analysis.

Since 2003, Librestream has focused on digital transformation technology that enhances operations within the industrial sector. Deployed globally, the Onsight AR Service Platform empowers workers to rapidly diagnose, inspect, and manage assets in even the most difficult field environments. Combined with the RealWear HMT-1, Onsight provides a completely hands-free experience in the field.

With a broad range of software capabilities and optional inspection accessories, Onsight is the most comprehensive augmented reality enterprise software on the market. Core AR capabilities include:

Onsight Connect - Remote Expert Guidance
Connect delivers a fully collaborative environment, even in bandwidth-limited areas. Securely share and collaborate on live visuals from the field, expediting decision making. Guide workers with onscreen telestration and capture the visuals needed by remotely controlling the camera. Connect is fully optimized to perform seamlessly with the RealWear HMT-1.

Onsight Flow – Digital Work Instructions
Flow transforms paper-based processes into actionable digital work instructions for step-by-step guidance. Capture and access content for consistent, high-quality performance. Reduce training requirements and paperwork. Onsight Flow is fully optimized for the RealWear HMT-1.

Onsight Workspace - Field Intelligence
Workspace offers teams the ability to securely upload, access, manage and share content - even in difficult field environments. Automate the upload to ensure that important content is tagged and stored centrally. Integrate with existing systems for a centralized knowledge base.

Onsight Cube – Industrial Wearable
Designed for safe operation in rugged and ATEX Zone 1 environments, the Cube industrial wearable provides HD and thermal imaging in a portable camera. Its multi-purpose design seamlessly switches from head-worn, hand-held, or monopod-attached for safe use in confined and active environments. The Onsight Cube pairs with the RealWear HMT-1 for enhanced analysis.

Onsight Hub – IoT Inspection Device
Attach the Hub to a wide range of remote visual inspection (RVI) or non-destructive test (NDT) instruments such as borescopes and ultrasound devices to share critical data with remote experts during Connect sessions.

The Onsight platform includes a centralized management system to provide the control and security your IT teams require. You can control network bandwidth consumption to ensure your teams do not receive surprise cellular data bills. You can use the privacy controls to allow or restrict who can capture pictures or recordings. In addition to the security and IT controls, Onsight also provides in-depth usage and analytic reporting to manage and scale global deployments.

With the Onsight augmented reality service platform organizations have reported results in:

• Average productivity gains of 30%
• Accelerated support time to resolution by 20%
• Improved first-time-fix rates, reducing return visits by 5-10%
• Reduced carbon emissions
• Reduction in support call length by 50%
• Improved asset up-time by 10%